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Right to Know?

Interested in vaccine choice laws? Want to know if your state has a bill in the works?

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) is tracking vaccine legislation in 17 states. To find out if your state lawmakers are considering a new vaccine law, go to this article and scroll down to the end. Then click on your state to learn more.

According to ANH, the national vaccine schedule has never been rigorously evaluated for safety. ANH reports:

This was the determination not of some “anti-vaxxer” group, but of the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine), which advises the government on issues relating to medicine and health. In a 2013 report, the Academy concluded, “Key elements of the schedule—the number, frequency, timing, order, and age at administration of vaccines—have not been systematically examined in research studies.”

OCA’s position on vaccine safety: Some vaccines may be safe, some may not be safe, at least not for some people. As with any medicine, consumers have the right to know exactly what is in every vaccine, and what the latest, and best research says about the potential risk for each and every recommended vaccine, as well as the cumulative risks associated with aggressive vaccine schedules. We support the rights of parents to make informed decisions about the potential risk to their child of a vaccine or series of vaccines. We reject the false narrative, promoted by Big Pharma, that there are only two sides to the vaccine debate: pro-vaccine or "anti-vaxxer." Instead, as with any medication, we advocate that consumers seek guidance from reliable sources, and that medical practitioners and pharmaceutical manufacturers provide truthful, up-to-date information about the medicines they promote and profit from.

Find out if your state is considering a new vaccine law

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