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A big “thank you” this week to the Tucson, Arizona, OCA members who convinced their local co-op, Food Conspiracy, to stop selling Ben & Jerry’s.

Several of our supporters emailed Food Conspiracy’s store manager and its board of directors. Within hours, the co-op posted this on Facebook:

Thanks to the Co-op owners who let us know their concerns about Ben & Jerry's Ice cream and glyphosate contamination. We have discontinued it from our frozen section.

We are excited about the possibility of an organic line of Ben & Jerry's in the future and are beyond humbled by the collective power of consumer voice speaking up and demanding it.

Food Conspiracy joins other co-ops who are listening to their owner/customers, including Moscow Food Co-Op in Moscow, Idaho; New Pioneer Food Co-Op in Coralville, Iowa; and Ypsilanti Food Co-Op and River Street Bakery in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Could your co-op be next one to #DumpBenandJerry's?

And, if we all work together on the national front, maybe we can get National Co+op Grocers (NCG) to stop promoting Ben & Jerry’s. (More here on how you can help).

Find out if your natural food store or co-op sells Ben & Jerry’s

If it does, send this letter to the store manager

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If your store isn't on our list, please email to let us know.

Download this flyer and hand it out in front of your local Ben & Jerry’s retailer

Download this glyphosate fact sheet and share it widely

Make a tax-deductible donation to support our campaign asking Ben & Jerry's to go organic.

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