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The Future of Chickens

How do we restore our land and our relationship with plants and animals, while supporting the economic health of farmers and their communities?


After nearly a decade of research and development, Northfield, Minnesota-based Main Street Project has perfected its regenerative poultry and grain project. All that’s left to do is deploy the model, and scale it up.

The Tysons and Perdues of the world would have you believe that their way—factory farms full of drugged-up, stressed-out chickens is the only way to meet market demand. But the founders of Main Street Project take a different view.

Main Street’s Chief Strategy Officer Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin (who is also on the steering committee of Regeneration International) describes that view:

“We are advocating for a farming approach that brings back ancient knowledge, wisdom and techniques that farmers have survived on for a long time. What we are doing is restructuring those techniques so we can meet current demands in a way that the farming system that we deploy is good for the people, good for the landscape and the ecology, and is good for the economy.”

It's part of the project’s “ecological, economic and social triple bottom line.” And, we believe, it’s the future of raising chickens.

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