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No Soil, No Farms, No Food

A few years ago, the United Nations warned that on average, the world has fewer than 60 growing seasons left. 

That’s a bleak prognosis for our soils—and just as bleak for our farmers. So bleak, in fact, that experts compare the current situation to the 1980s when bankruptcies and foreclosures contributed to the loss of 296,360 farms.

It’s not too late to turn things around.

This year, Congress will pass the Farm Bill, legislation that determines how $90 billion per year is used to shape our food system.

Congress could continue with business as usual, directing funding to the wealthiest farmers growing genetically engineered pesticide-drenched industrial monocultures that tear up our best soil to produce crops that get burned in car engines, fed to animals in factory farms or processed into diabetes-inducing junk foods.

Or, this year, the Farm Bill could go in a new direction.

Read ‘Food & Farm Act Our Best Hope for Healthy Food, Farms and Soil’ 

TAKE ACTION: Ask Congress to Support the Food & Farm Act!

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