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'North Star'

What does the new certification tell you about a product? “Consumers want to know that we nurture the earth, raise our animals humanely, and pay our workers fairly. We will now have a chance to share that and be transparent.” - Julie Morris of Morris Grassfed Beef 

If you’re looking for greater transparency around how your food is produced, you can soon start looking for the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC)

(ROC) was officially launched at the Natural Products Expo West trade show last week, by the Regenerative Organic Alliance, a coalition of organizations and businesses led by the Rodale Institute, Patagonia and Dr. Bronner’s

What does the new certification tell you about a product? 

First, you can rest assured that ROC-certified products meet all of the baseline U.S. Department of Agriculture organic standards. But for consumers who want to support farmers and producers who go beyond organic, the ROC certification assures them that the producer also focused on soil health and carbon sequestration

Birgit Cameron, senior director of Patagonia Provisions, told Civil Eats that the ROC is “absolutely never meant to replace [organic], but rather to keep it strong to the original intention.” Cameron said it's an attempt to be the “north star” for the industry as a certification that encompasses the health of the planet, animal welfare and social fairness.

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Watch this video on the ROC by Patagonia and featuring OCA's Ronnie Cummins

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