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'Forbidden Grazers'

Vermont’s Franklin County is what Michael Colby, president of Regeneration Vermont, calls “Ground Zero” for the state’s dairy pollution.

Colby and his colleague, Teo Zagar, recently collaborated on a video that summarizes the impact of Vermont’s industrial dairy on the state’s waterways. The video features footage of factory farm-style confinement dairies, a seven-million-gallon manure pit under construction, and Lake Carmi’s cyanobacteria-infected water. It ends with a call to put cows back on grass and the culture back in agriculture.

We thought it fitting to share Regeneration Vermont’s video this week, the week during which the world celebrates World Water Day.

We also thought it fitting to renew our call for Unilever-owned Ben & Jerry’s, one of Vermont’s worst polluters, to help clean up Vermont’s waterways by committing to an organic pasture-based milk and cream supply.

The United Nations cites industrial agriculture as the number one polluter of the world’s water. If Ben & Jerry’s wants consumers to believe the company is committed to a clean environment, the path forward is clear: End your support of pesticide- and chemical-intensive GMO animal feed production by shifting to organic.

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