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'Crumb-y' Situation

Obesity and chronic illness. Water pollution. Antibiotic-resistance public health crisis. Air pollution. Small farmer bankruptcies. Dangerous working conditions. Rainforest destruction. Soil degradation. Loss of biodiversity and wildlife habitat. Increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Animal abuse. Deteriorating local economies and communities.

Name a problem in need of a solution, and we’ll show you how it’s connected to industrial factory farms.

We can approach each of these problems in isolation as if they aren’t all interconnected. We can settle for little crumbs of incremental change here and there.

Or we can look at the big picture. We can single out the common culprit at the center of all these health and environmental disasters.

And we can do something.

Study after study says the planet is nearly maxed out. If we don’t clean up our act, soon, we’re looking at massive crises on a global scale.

Unfortunately, the scientists and policymakers and multi-national corporations aren’t going to take the lead.

That leaves us. And we need to use all the tools in the toolbox.

Right now, as an organization, we’re taking on factory farms in the courts—and winning.

We’re spreading the message far and wide—and repeatedly—that factory farms have to go.

We pushing for a new kind of Farm Bill, one that supports the right kind of farmers producing the right kind of food.

We’re working on the ground, in the U.S. and beyond, to promote and facilitate a global transition away from degenerative factory farming (which as we all know, isn’t really farming) to an alternative model that addresses every single one of the issues listed above.

It’s not an easy battle going up against the Tysons and Cargills, Monsantos and DowDuponts, the deceptive brands like Ben & Jerrys and its factory farm ice cream.

But it’s the most important battle of our lives. Ane we're way past the point where we can just settle for crumbs. 

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