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Fish Facts

Think “factory farm” and most of us envision millions of chickens and pigs crammed into dismally small spaces, or cattle on feedlots.

But there’s another kind of factory farm—fish farms. And they’re just as toxic to human health and the environment as their land-based counterparts.

More than half of all fish consumed in the U.S. now comes from industrial factory-scale fish farms—two of the most popular fish items on restaurant menus are factory farm salmon and shrimp.

Factory-farm salmon and fish threaten wild salmon and other marine species by spreading disease (and now GMO-related risks). They also contaminate coastal waters and the ocean with toxic chemicals and fish feed

As for your health? Natural health experts say avoid factory-farm fish and larger fish (who have had more time to absorb toxins). Instead, consume only wild Alaskan salmon, or smaller fish species, such as anchovies, sardines and herring. For more information on what fish to consume and to avoid click here.

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