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Better, Not Bigger

“We have won many victories, but we are losing the planet.” - James Gustave Speth, author, “Angels by the River: A Memoir”

You probably tire of hearing us say it. But here we go again.

We can’t talk about cleaning up our waterways, or fixing an antibiotic-resistance public health crisis, or preserving plant, animal and insect biodiversity, or reversing chronic illness trends, or warding off a global warming catastrophe . . . without talking about changing the way we produce food. All food, whether it’s vegetables or meat or dairy.

And we can’t talk about changing our food and farming system without addressing the (literal) elephant in the room: Bigger has already proven not to be better.

But if not bigger, what? How do we feed a burgeoning population?

The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) and others who have studied world hunger tell us that the only way to feed the world is by empowering local farmers and communities to feed themselves.

Instead, our government continues to worship at the altar of the giant monopolistic food corporations, whose illness-inducing, nutrient-poor, environmentally damaging food is subsidized by us (through the Farm Bill). 

Big corporations haven’t solved world hunger. The number of people who go to bed hungry, around the world and here at home, continues to rise (as do corporate profits).

Meanwhile, we’re allowing these corporations to kill off the ecosystem that supports life on earth.

Our job, with your help, is to educate as many people as possible about the self-defeating myth that “bigger is better,” by exposing the long list of ills associated with corporate agribusiness, especially factory farms.

But that’s not enough. If we were to successfully bring down the factory farm system, what would we offer in its place?

That’s the other part of our job—all of our jobs. To create the alternative. To put in place the local and regional food-production infrastructures that feed the world by working with natural systems, by producing food using practices that restore soil health, water cleanliness, biodiversity.

This is the work we’re committed to, through OCA and through our close collaboration with Regeneration International. Please invest with us in this work—and in the future.

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