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Day of Action

In advance of May Day, two groups are calling for a world where the most marginalized working families can live with dignity, safety and power.

The groups—Fair World Project (FWP) (a project of OCA) and the Food Chain Workers Alliance (FCWA)—are asking people and organizations to sign on to a joint statement that includes a promise to participate in a national day of action on May Day (May 1), 2018, International Workers' Day. Signers are asked to participate in marches, rallies and strike actions.

According to Saurav Sarkar, research coordinator for the Poor Peoples Campaign at the Institute for Policy Studies, while the official unemployment rate in the U.S. is low, employment today often means low-wage work that offers little job security. Writing for Common Dreams, Sarkar said:

Our society’s treatment of workers has changed, too. For example, 28 states have passed so-called “right to work” laws that undermine the ability of workers to organize.

Last month, the Institute for Policy Studies and the Poor People’s Campaign released "The Souls of Poor Folk," a report on 50 years of change in the issues that affect working people, and particularly those at the bottom. The study looked at systemic racism, poverty, militarism and ecological devastation.

On May 1, FWP and FCWA hope to call attention to a host of labor issues, including increasingly aggressive assaults against indigenous sovereignty, immigrant and African-American families, women, LGBTQ people, the Muslim community and other marginalized groups working in the food industry. The groups are rallying support across communities for large-scale action, on May 1 and beyond.

TAKE ACTION: Join the National Day of Action on International Workers' Day May 1st!

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