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What if there were one solution that could fix a lot of the world’s problems? 

That’s how organic farmer Ben Dobson began his TEDxHudson talk a few years ago. “Appropriate organic farming techniques and properly planned grazing can reverse climate change,” Dobson told his audience

Dobson has been a farmer his entire life. But it wasn’t until six years ago that he made the connection between agriculture and climate change.

“We emit carbon dioxide in many more ways than just out of our exhaust pipes, out of coal plants, out of factories. We emit potentially more from our soils and by cutting down trees. Carbon is the skeleton of what’s under our feet and we’ve been taking that skeleton out of the ground bone by bone and putting it in the atmosphere.”

After OCA’s Ronnie Cummins recently visited Dobson at Stone Barn Farm, we thought it was worth sharing this TED Talk again, even though it’s a few years old. 

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Watch Ben Dobson’s TEDx Talk

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