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Pet Peeve?

Is man poisoning his best friend? Just by letting him (or her) play outside?

Very possibly, according to not one, but several studies linking lawn chemicals—especially 2,4-D—to canine cancer.

According to an article on the website Think About Now: 

Studies found that lawn chemicals travel to neighboring yards and inside homes, and chemicals have been found in the urine of dogs whose owners did not spray their lawns. The authors of the studies state how their findings can be used to further research on human cancers. 

The article, “Studies Link Canine Cancers to Lawn Chemicals,” cites a six-year study by Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine linking lawn pesticides to canine malignant lymphoma (CML). The study found “specifically, the use of professionally applied pesticides was associated with a significant 70-percent higher risk of CML. Risk was also higher in those reporting use of self-applied insect growth regulators.”

The article also cited a study linking 2,4-D to canine bladder cancer.

Read ‘Studies Link Canine Cancers to Lawn Chemicals

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