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Under Attack

If you’re reading this newsletter, thank you. And, whew! It made it into your inbox.

Unfortunately, this week’s newsletter (and a lot of our past communications) didn’t make it into the inboxes of others who, like you, are subscribed. Because like other legitimate organizations providing honest communications, OCA has become a victim of the “fake news” police.

There’s plenty of misinformation swirling around in cyberspace. We get that. 

But revealing the truth about government agencies conspiring with corporations to hide critical health and safety information isn’t fake news. 

Reporting on scientific studies showing the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemicals isn’t fake news.

Sharing the results of tests conducted by legitimate, certified laboratories isn’t fake news.

Yet our email open rates show that the cyber gods think otherwise. So they’re sabotaging our emails every time we use certain words in an email that they deem “suspicious”—though most of those words have to do with exposing the dastardly deeds of corporations.

Along with these latest attempts to keep our emails from reaching subscribers, are the increasing number of attacks on OCA by corporate front groups, including the American Council on Science and Health and Genetic Literacy Project.

The good news? We wouldn’t be under attack if we weren’t seen as a threat. These attacks are a sign that we're doing our job.

The bad news? These attacks force us to divert precious resources to extra spending on technology issues and defending our work.

The best news? There's no way we’ll stop exposing chemical companies and factory farm corporations, no matter how many arrows those corporations sling at us.

Now, more than ever, this work is critical. Thank you for supporting us.

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