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Are your local farmers getting the support they need?

Not from the current U.S. Farm Bill, which provides billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded subsidies to the largest, wealthiest growers of GMO monocultures, but doles out precious little support for your local farmer.

Despite growing demand for locally produced foods, millions of Americans live in rural areas where they have little or no access to any kind of healthy, nutrient-dense food, much less food produced in their own community.

That’s not healthy for residents of those communities. And it’s not healthy for the communities. According to a report from the American Planning Association:

Disparities in food access are influenced by geographic, economic and social factors, but also by a community’s food production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste recovery policies and practices. Food access is not simply a health issue but also a community development and equity issue. For this reason, access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food is a key component not only in a healthy, sustainable local food system, but also in a healthy, sustainable community.

There’s a bill before Congress—the Local Food and Regional Market Supply (Local FARMS Act)—that would support the building of local markets and infrastructure necessary for healthy local farmers and food systems. But the bill needs more co-sponsors, and more support from Congress.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your members of Congress to support the Local Food and Regional Market Supply (Local FARMS Act)

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