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'Look & See'

“I think when the traditional people disappear, the traditional values will disappear.” 

So says Wendell Berry in a recent film that portrays the changing landscape and shifting values of rural America and describes the lives of farmers who have been deeply affected by the industrial agricultural era.

“Look & See: Wendell Berry’s Kentucky” features observations by this prominent writer, farmer and activist on how the agrarian way of life has been lost.

Berry is one of the most ardent defenders of rural America and traditional farming techniques that use nature as the model. In the last 83 years this poet, novelist and essayist has published more than 40 books. He’s widely revered and celebrated by people eager for his words of wisdom.

And words of wisdom are just what viewers of “Look & See: Wendell Berry’s Kentucky” get. 

Read ‘Look & See: Words of Wisdom, and Hope, from Wendell Berry’

Watch the ‘Look & See’ trailer

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