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If you’ve ever read “The Meat Racket” you know that the U.S. meat industry is rigged against everyone in the supply chain—except for the handful of giant corporations that control it.

By now you also know that the factory farm industry is responsible for the millions of acres of GMO monoculture crops that dominate our farmland, and the toxic chemicals used to grow them.

The industry is also the source of widespread water pollution, horrendous animal cruelty, asthma-inducing air pollution and the alarming contamination of our food.

But there’s one aspect of the factory farm industry that doesn’t get a lot of attention—the industry’s practice of hiring undocumented workers, paying them as little as $6 dollars an hour, and subjecting them to unsafe and unhealthy working conditions, knowing that the workers can’t fight back.

In her latest article for OCA, Martha Rosenberg reports on recent raids of U.S. slaughterhouses, and how the meat industry squeezes even more profits out of an already-rigged system, by paying undocumented workers in cash, to avoid paying millions in payroll taxes.

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