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You probably don’t lie awake at night thinking about the Farm Bill. But you might, if you realized that a huge chunk of the $90 billion—of your money—doled out by this massive piece of policy went to support billionaire absentee farm owners instead of struggling family farmers.

Your U.S. Representative is about to vote on a Farm Bill (H.R. 2) that would impose strict work requirements on poor families who need food stamps, while letting rich people collect farm subsidies—even if they don’t live or work on the family farm. 

In fact, the top Farm Bill safety net programs—federal crop insurance, Agricultural Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage—are primarily serving only to make the top 10 percent “commercial farm businesses” more profitable. 

It’s just another example of politicians supporting handouts for the wealthy, and cutbacks for the people who most need, and deserve, support.

If you’d rather your money go toward helping independent family farmers survive and thrive, please contact your member of Congress today.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress: Help Hungry Families, Not Rich Farm Owners

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