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You know if the tomatoes you buy in the supermarket were imported from Mexico. You know if the sweater you purchased was made in Vietnam. You know if the chicken you toss in our grocery cart was imported from another country.

Under Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) laws, these products are required to carry labels that tell you if the product was imported from another country.

But beef and pork? Those products are exempt from COOL laws. That means you have no idea where our steak and bacon came from, unless the producer chooses to label it.

U.S. cattle ranchers say the failure to require COOL labels on beef is hurting their industry. That’s especially true for ranchers serving the fast-growing grassfed segment of the beef industry says Will Harris, president of the board of directors of the American Grassfed Association (AGA) and a fourth-generation cattleman.

Harris says American consumers are being intentionally misled. He estimates that at least 75 percent of the grassfed beef consumed in America comes from Australia, New Zealand or Uruguay—but it’s being wrongly labeled as “Product of the USA.”

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