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Fungus Amongus

When you've got a huge problem, you send your biggest army. You’re probably thinking that army belongs to China, India or the U.S., right?
Wrong. The Chinese army is around 1.3 million people—a fraction of the size of the 2.3-billion global “army of agriculturalists,” says agronomist Guy Webb, in the new 20-minute documentary “Grassroots.”
According to Webb, more than any other group of people, farmers have the ability to solve one of the most challenging issues facing mankind—climate change.
“Barring the ocean, soil is the biggest carbon sink we have on planet Earth,” Webb says. He believes the people growing our food are the ones we need on the front lines of the battle to reduce carbon in our atmosphere. 
How do Webb and others think farmers can achieve this Big Hairy Audacious Goal? 
Fungi. That's right. Farmers, and the "fungus amongus," could be our best hope for averting a climate disaster.

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