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Disappearing Act

What’s the first thing Bayer did after the U.S. approved the Bayer-Monsanto buyout?

The German chemical giant announced that the name “Monsanto” will disappear. 

Our response? Monsanto can run, but it can’t hide—as long as we stay committed to holding the “Biotech Bully” accountable for its crimes.

Bayer executives know that the name “Monsanto” is as toxic as the brand’s products and monoculture farming practices.

That’s why Bayer is desperate to distance itself from Monsanto’s ugly reputation—by "disappearing" the Monsanto name.

It’s up to us to keep Monsanto’s name in the news. And keep the pressure on until Roundup is banned.

TAKE ACTION: Please help us fund more litigation, more investigative journalism, and the most comprehensive study ever undertaken on Roundup weedkiller’s devastating impact on human health. Click here to donate online or for details on how to donate by phone or mail.

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