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'Spirit of Sadhana'

In August of 2017, severe flooding killed more than 1,200 people in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. 

Against a backdrop of video footage from that summer, Velvizhi V explains that even though the city of Auroville, India experienced record rainfall, none of that rain managed to replenish the local aquifer.

The water was lost to sea, “wasted again” Velvizhi says. Deforestation throughout the region has stripped the soil of its capacity to absorb rainfall.

Velvizhi, a regeneration steward from Chennai, South India, works with Sadhana Forest, a volunteer-led organization that trains communities in agroforestry and water conservation to restore degraded lands by planting trees.

In “The Spirit of Sadhana,” Regeneration International’s roving reporter Oliver Gardiner interviews Velvizhi about the Sadhana Forest project and how it is trying to restore food security around the world, by restoring degraded lands. 

“The Spirit of Sadhana” is the first episode in RI’s “Trails of Regeneration” video series.

Read ‘Trails of Regeneration Episode One: ‘Spirit of Sadhan’

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