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Count the Ways

So many oils, so many uses.

For a growing number of health-conscious consumers, essential oils have become, well, essential.

Epoch Times provides a list of 25 ways to use essential oils. But for starters, you can:

• Massage them (blended with a carrier oil) into your skin
• Add them to bathwater
• Use them in a hot compress
• Heat them in a diffuser
• Rub a drop onto pulse points in lieu of perfume

Not familiar with what a carrier oil is? They’re oils that you mix with essential oils that are often highly concentrated. When applied topically, they help “carry” the essential oil.

Carrier oils benefits include:

• Organic Argan Oil: contains skin-moisturizing properties and healthy fatty acids
• Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil: improves sun-damaged skin
• Organic Jojoba: is non-allergenic, non-comedogenic

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