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Who Cares?

Splashed across the Ben & Jerry’s website are cartoon-like pictures of happy cows romping in green pastures.

There's a reason those cows are depicted by drawings, not actual photos—most of the real, live cows whose milk and cream are used in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream products are crammed into dark, filthy barns for most of their short lives.

Ben & Jerry’s goes to great lengths to create the perception that the Unilever-owned company “cares” deeply about the farmers who supply milk and cream for the brand, the cows raised on Vermont dairy farms, and the state of Vermont’s environment.

The company’s “Caring Dairy” program sounds like a dream-come-true for Vermont’s dairy farmers and dairy cows.

But it's more like a nightmare—for the cows, for Vermont’s environment and for consumers who care about animal welfare.

Last year, OCA testing found traces of Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller in samples of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, in both the U.S. and Europe—even though the company claims to source only “wholesome, natural ingredients.”

But that's only part of the reason we sued the Unilever-owned brand this week.

The other reason? Ben & Jerry's “Caring Dairy” program is a total scam. If you care about animal welfare and the environment, that should offend you.

And that's what we write about in our latest blog post on Ben & Jerry's.

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