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Brains & Guts

We included two videos in Bytes this week. We hope you’ll watch them both.

The first is an interview with our director, Ronnie Cummins, who talks about migration, and what it has to do with global food, farming and land-use policies.

The second is the trailer for “Genetically Modified Children,” a documentary on the horrific consequences, especially for children, of government policies that prioritize the profits of Monsanto and Philip Morris over public health.

One video focuses on solutions. The other focuses on a big problem (though it also talks about the valiant efforts of mothers to overcome that problem).

This two-sided approach to consumer and public education pretty much sums up who OCA is, and what we aspire to accomplish in the education realm: expose the bad (and engage our networks in holding the wrongdoers accountable), and illuminate the solutions.

It’s critical that we all understand the dire, and multiple, consequences of allowing transnational corporations to take over our global food system. 

But if we talked only about problems and never the solutions, we’d all be depressed. Likewise, if we focused exclusively on the solutions without exposing why we need those solutions, we’d have a hard time convincing a critical mass of the global population of the urgency of needing to work together to implement those solutions.

Ronnie’s discussion of the forced migration crisis couldn’t come at a more opportune time. This is a crisis that will grow exponentially, as global warming and land degradation drive more and more people from their homes.

Much is being written these days about the immigration crisis. But the solutions being proposed so far have been largely shortsighted and cruel.

What we need are long-term solutions. And political leaders with the brains to recognize those solutions, and the guts to implement them.

With your help, we'll keep pushing local, state and federal lawmakers in that direction. Let's hope we get there in time.

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