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Who's Killing Whom?

In her latest exposé on Monsanto’s attack on scientists, Stacy Malkan, co-director of U.S. Right to Know, quotes from an email sent by a former Kraft Foods scientist to a former Syngenta scientist who said he’d “been fighting IARC forever!!! :)” The Kraft “scientist” then goes on to say:

“Foods and ag are under siege since Glyphosate in March 2015. We all need to gather somehow and expose IARC, as you guys did in the paper. Next priorities are all food ingredients: aspartame, sucralose, dietary iron, B-carotene, BPA, etc. IARC is killing us!”

Oh, the Irony. Scientists, not toxic weedkillers, are “killing us?”

IARC refers to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. The agency published a report, in 2015, stating that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is a probable human carcinogen.

According to Malkan, the IARC expert panel decision to classify glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans” created a rallying point for the panel’s foes to gather forces. A key Monsanto document, uncovered as part of the ongoing trial involving a 49-year-old terminally ill man suing Monsanto for knowingly exposing him to health risks, reveals Monsanto’s plan of attack: discredit the cancer scientists with the help of allies across the food industry.

Malkan writes:

Monsanto’s public relations plan assigned 20 corporate staffers to prepare for the IARC carcinogenicity report on glyphosate, with objectives including “neutralize impact,” “establish public perspective on IARC,” “regulator outreach,” “ensure MON POV” and “engage industry associations” in “outrage.”

Industry associations would have a hard time manufacturing “outrage” that could come even close to the outrage Monsanto’s victims—and all of us—experience with each new revelation to come out of this trial.

Read ‘Secret Documents Expose Monsanto’s War on Scientists’

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