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Something in the Air

There are so many reasons to boycott chicken and turkey from factory farm operations, such as those run by Cargill, Pilgrim’s Pride, Sanderson Farms, Tyson and others.

Factory farm poultry operations pollute waterways. They cause unconscionable suffering for the birds. They’re big contributors to the public health crisis around antibiotic resistance. And they produce unhealthy food.

But we often forget that the people who work for these companies, in industrial poultry processing plants, are also victims of the factory farm poultry industry.

Jessica Robertson and Tina McClellan are two of those workers. They dared to speak out against working conditions that literally made them sick. Specifically, they complained about the use of a chemical called peracetic acid (PAA). PAA is used to remove bacteria from the carcasses of chickens and turkeys—even though it’s known to put workers at risk.

In this article in The Intercept, obertson and McClellan tell the story of how working at an industrial poultry processing plant ruined their health—and incurred the wrath of their employers.

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