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Chicken . . . OUT!

Things are heating up in Nebraska, where Costco wants to build what would be the largest poultry factory farm operation in the U.S.—a project that would include about 100 poultry barns sprinkled throughout the state (and possibly even in Iowa).

This week, citizens and communities opposed to Costco’s foul project called on planning board members to deny permits for four proposed poultry barns in Lancaster County, just south of Lincoln.

Costco’s proposed processing plant, which would be based in Fremont, Nebraska, plans to slaughter 85 million chickens annually—or about 1.7 million per week. That’s a lot of chicken, not to mention a lot of water pollution in a state whose waterways are already impaired, thanks to industrial agriculture.

Costco will argue, just as Tyson, Cargill, Sanderson Farms and other corporations argue, that we need all that “cheap chicken” to “feed the world.”

Not true. The Wall Street Journal reports that there’s a record glut of meat in the U.S. In fact, American meat producers now have 2.5 billion pounds of chicken, turkey, pork and beef languishing in cold storage warehouses.

We’re guessing that none of these companies, including Costco, have plans to ship this excess meat to people too destitute to pay for it, either here in the U.S., or anywhere else in the world.

You can help Nebraskans fight the good fight against Costco’s Big Chicken plans—by letting Costco know that you don’t want more factory farms, or more factory farm chicken.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Costco: Consumers Don’t Want Your Giant Factory Farm!

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