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What Mom Said

If you’re like most people, hardly a meal went by without your mom admonishing you to “eat your greens!”

Mom was right. Vegetables, especially the green ones, pack a powerful nutrient punch. Yet most of us don’t eat them often and when we do, we don’t eat enough of them. has come up with a “green food solution” to help you get more of the nutrients commonly found in organic leafy green vegetables.

Mercola’s Organic Greens contain:

• Powdered forms of an assortment of organic vegetables
• Organic cereal grasses from North America
• Two top superfoods: Chlorella and Spirulina
• An organic mushroom blend for immune support
• Alkalizing extracts that provide antioxidant benefits, including one of Japan’s best kept secrets: Green Matcha—Apple and Green Tea
• Two adaptogens to fight stress and fatigue: Maca Root and Rhodiola
• Organic Greens are easily mixed in with shakes and smoothies. USDA certified organic—which means no GMOs!

From now until midnight August 31, get 20% off your purchase of Mercola’s Organic Greens supplement with this promo code: ORGANIC818. Plus Mercola will donate 20% of your purchase price to OCA.

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