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Toxic Trickery

In 1991, the Supreme Court ruled that under federal law, local governments had the right to pass pesticide bans, on public and private property.

Naturally, that ruling didn’t sit well with Monsanto. So industry lobbyists pressured 43 states to pass state laws prohibiting cities, towns and counties from imposing any restrictions on pesticides that would exceed those established under state law. (No state so far has imposed a statewide ban on pesticides).

Seven states—Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, Utah and Vermont—still allow local governments to pass strict pesticide regulations, including bans, without worrying about their state legislatures preempting the will of local citizens and elected officials.

But that’s not good enough for Monsanto, and its new parent company, Bayer.

Bayer-Monsanto now wants to use the Farm Bill to change federal law so that local governments, in all 50 states, lose the right to regulate pesticides.

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