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Think About That.

“If you know you’re dying, it gives you that extra push. You can’t just die for nothing.”

Those words were spoken by Dewayne “Lee” Johnson in a recent TV interview with CBS News. Johnson was interviewed after a jury in San Francisco found that Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller caused his cancer.

Until he became too sick to work, Johnson was a school groundskeeper. His job required him to spray Roundup on school properties, including on playgrounds.

Playgrounds. Think about that. 

Then think about the recent reports of widespread contamination of food with glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. How many of those foods, or foods just like them, are served up in school lunches?

Despite all the evidence of collusion and deception, Monsanto continues to dig in its heels. The poison-maker is sticking to its story that “800 studies” showing Roundup and/or glyphosate is safe.

But Monsanto never tells you how many of those studies were ghostwritten or paid for. Or how many tested glyphosate in isolation, rather than the full Roundup formulation, known to be even more toxic

If we were running a school district, right about now, we’d be at the very least, worried about liability issues. More important, we’d be worried about the health of the kids we’re supposed to protect.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the National School Boards Association: Get Monsanto’s Roundup and other toxic agro-chemicals out of schools!

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