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'Dry Hope'

What if instead of thinking about climate change as a crisis, we thought about it as an opportunity—to unite the world around new ideas?

Khory Hancock, better known as the “Environmental Cowboy,” is an Australian environmental scientist, climate change solutions strategist and documentarian. He’s working on a film that has taken him on a journey through New South Wales to learn firsthand, especially from farmers, about the impact of what some say is the region’s worst drought in more than 400 years.
Hancock’s documentary, “A Dry Hope,” shines a spotlight on the historic drought, but also on the promise regenerative agriculture holds as a solution to increasingly frequent and more intense weather patterns—especially if at the same time we change the way we farm, we also transition to renewable energy.
In an interview with OCA, Hancock said:

“We have the solutions in front of us, everything we need to reverse climate change. The only question left is when will we implement these solutions? I have a belief that climate change will unite the world, regardless of our differences in race, religion and culture. It will awaken the creativity we need to solve a challenge we all face.”

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