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“My name is Fabián Carlos Tomasi. I hope you won’t forget me.”

Fabián Tomasi was a farmworker and crop duster who sprayed agrochemicals, including Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller, in Argentina. 

Tomasi died on September 7, as reported by Real Food Media, from “complications related to severe toxic polyneuropathy, a debilitating neurological disorder that doctors attribute to his occupational exposure to agrochemicals.”

Before he died, and as he became increasingly weak from the poisons that attacked his health, Tomasi was an outspoken advocate for ridding the world of Roundup and other toxic weedkillers.

He was persecuted for his outspokenness. But he never backed down.

In an article he wrote a few months before he died, Tomasi expressed his fear, and also his determination to speak out despite death threats, this way:

“I do not want to swallow my words. I want to scream.” 

Fabián Tomasi’s voice is silent now. It’s up to us now to scream for him.

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