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Fake Solutions

It’s not healthy. It’s not safe. And it sure as heck won’t solve the climate crisis.

This week, OCA’s Ronnie Cummins weighs in on the “Impossible Burger,” a “meatlike” concoction made from a highly-processed mix of soy, wheat, coconut oil, potatoes and genetically engineered yeast.

Touted by the techno-food industry as the solution for everything, the impossibly fake burger turns out to be a fake solution.

In his essay of the week, Ronnie writes:

Although I share the same disgust and hatred of factory farms and CAFO meat as my vegan and vegetarian brothers and sisters, I am nonetheless disturbed to see a growing number of vegan activists, Silicon Valley tycoons, genetic engineering cheerleaders and even some well-meaning climate activists coming together to promote fake meat products, such as the “Impossible Burger,” as a healthy and climate-friendly alternative to beef. Even worse are the growing number of vegans, climate activists and high-tech/GMO enthusiasts who claim that abolishing livestock and animal husbandry altogether will solve our health, environmental and climate crises.

Ronnie also writes about the “even more bizarre, elitist and uninformed” trend of calling for the elimination of the planet’s 70 billion livestock as a major solution to the climate crisis:

These “no livestock” fundamentalists basically ignore the fact that over a billion people, especially in the developing world, rely upon, for their food and survival, raising livestock on the billions of acres of pasture and rangeland that are simply not suitable for raising crops, but which can and do support properly grazed livestock. 

“Properly grazed” are the the operative words here. And regenerative agriculture, not fake meat, is the best way to feed the world and cool the planet.

Read Ronnie’s essay: ‘Vegans, Ranchers and Regenerators Unite: Why Fake Meat and Eliminating Livestock Are Really Bad Ideas’

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