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Juror No. 4

Robert Howard, juror No. 4 in the trial of former school groundskeeper Dewayne Lee Johnson vs. Monsanto, has two questions for the judge who is threatening to throw out the jury’s unanimous verdict against Monsanto:

“Do you have any reason at all to believe that myself or my fellow jurors did not follow your instructions?”

Did you assess the credibility of Monsanto witnesses, particularly Monsanto employees, at all?”

Howard is one of four jurors who wrote to Judge Suzanne Bolanos, defending the jurors’ unanimous decision and asking her to uphold it.

Howard also called our office, wanting to vent. He’s discouraged. And angry. He told us that he and others on the jury listened to the evidence, and followed the judge’s instructions to the letter.

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TAKE ACTION: Stand with jurors against Monsanto! Tell Judge Suzanne Bolanos to uphold the jury’s unanimous decision!

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