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And Now, This

If you’ve followed our campaign asking Ben & Jerry’s to go organic, you know that the Unilever-owned brand has played a major role in trashing Vermont’s lakes and rivers.

You also know that Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is contaminated with glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup weedkiller.

Now, a new report from Regeneration Vermont highlights how Vermont’s non-organic dairy industry is contributing to what some researchers say is our most urgent global health crisis: antibiotic resistance.

Michael Colby. executive director of Regeneration Vermont, writes:

Vermont’s non-organic dairy industry is all but ignoring the dire warnings from the World Health Organization to reduce overall antibiotic use in food production, a leading cause of antibiotic resistance, which makes the drugs less effective when necessary to combat human illnesses. While the WHO has called for a complete halt to using antibiotics as a prophylactic in food production—preventing rather than treating animal diseases—Vermont’s dairy industry, with the support of the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, continues to allow healthy cows to be routinely treated between lactations

Ben & Jerry’s isn’t the only dairy company in Vermont. But, along with cheesemaker Cabot Creamery, it’s one of the two largest. And one of the two worst when it comes to polluting Vermont waterways and soil.

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