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Vote. Please.

This is the part of our newsletter where we remind you each week that our work depends on you, and that we need your support.

This week, we’re going to ask for something else: If you care about your health, if you care about safe, pesticide-free food, if you care about clean, safe water and a pollution-free environment, if you care about animal welfare, please, please vote on November 6.

Like it or not, food is political. When your tax dollars are used to subsidize the growing of GMO crops that compromise your health and foul your drinking water, that’s because politicians voted to subsidize a degenerative food and farming system, not a regenerative one.

When factory farms are allowed to pollute your water and air with impunity, that’s because politicians have passed exemptions to laws that others are required to follow.

When yet another factory farm goes up in a poor, rural community, that’s because local politicians wrote zoning laws to allow them, and tax laws to reward them.

When schools use Roundup weedkiller on your kids’ playgrounds, and cities spray Roundup on local parks and roadsides, that’s because elected school board officials and city council members allow it.

You still have time to research who’s running for your local and state offices. If your local candidates are on the wrong side of food and environmental policies, don’t vote for them. Find candidates who share your values, and elect them instead.

Our work is funded by you, consumers who care. So, as always, we ask that you please pitch in to fund our work, whenever you can, and within your means. 

But please, on November 6, get out and vote, as if your health depends on it. Because it does.

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