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Nature Rules

But the food system is a life support system and should be based on the principles of living systems, not on the perceived effi­ciency of the industrial model. Linear thinking and linear processes are fundamentally at odds with the cycles of nature and, ultimately, nature still rules. - “The Global Eating Disorder,” by Gunnar Rundgren.

Some of our staff just returned from South Africa and Zimbabwe, where we witnessed firsthand the toll industrial agriculture and global warming has exacted on the regions’ lands and communities.

Lands that could once sustain entire communities are now depleted by chemicals and suffering under extended droughts. People who once knew how to grow nutrient-dense crops, from seeds that had evolved to suit natural soil and weather patterns, now subsist on inferior processed foods—when they can afford to buy them.

Our experience in these African countries served as a stark reminder of what happens when we try to “improve” on nature. Our chemical fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides, our GMO “frankenfood” experiments, all undermine nature’s superior systems.

Here in the U.S., we are up against some of the worst yet most powerful industrial agriculture corporations in the world. Exposing their failures and their unquenchable thirst for profits, at any cost, is a daunting, yet crucial undertaking.

We view this work, at home and abroad (through our sister organization, Regeneration International) as so much more than a job. We see it as an honor, and as an investment in the future.

Thank you for sharing our vision, and for continuing to invest in it.

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