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Not Knowing

We don’t say this enough: Thank you, for supporting OCA.

As cliché as it may sound, we really do depend on donations from people like you for the bulk of our financial support.

One of the trickiest aspects of managing a nonprofit’s budget is the unpredictability. It’s the not knowing how many donors will come through for us, how frequently and during which financial quarter of the year.

We’re grateful for each and every donation. But we’re a little extra grateful to those donors who commit to making a monthly donation—because monthly donations make our budgeting lives a little more predictable.

Soon, we’ll launch our year-end fundraising campaign. This year, more than ever, it’s critical that this campaign does well.

We know how some of you tire of the year-end barrage of fundraising emails, from OCA and from so many other good organizations that also deserve your support.

So, we’ve got a deal for you. Become a monthly sustaining donor between now and midnight November 26, and we’ll take you off our year-end fundraising list. No fundraising emails until next year!

It’s easy, just use this donation form and check the "recurring contribution" option.

Thank you. Knowing we have your support every month will allow us to focus less on finances, and more on our work. We’ll sleep a little better at night. And we hope you will, too, knowing that we’re working on your behalf for a better food system.

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