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Empty Calories

There was a time when corn was considered sacred and nutritious. And it came in thousands of colorful, nutrient-dense varieties that are now considered rare.

Then, along came Monsanto and monocultures and GMO corn—more of it used to feed animals imprisoned in factory farms, or to make ethanol, than to nourish and sustain humans.

It’s bad enough that GMO corn comes drenched in toxic pesticides. But a new study also shows that when we gave up the rich varieties of corn grown by our ancestors, we also gave up a lot of the nutritional value of corn.

A study conducted by Exact Scientific Services Inc. concluded:

Traditional corn has 28 percent more protein than the average GMO food/feed corn in our study, meaning you have to eat 28 percent more on average to get the same nutrition. Modern GMO food is full of empty carbs and calories, but greatly lacking in real nutrients.

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