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Herd Mentality

Who doesn’t love watching goats and sheep do their thing? And who can resist hearing about an almost-104-year-old sheep farmer, and why she got into sheep farming 53 years ago?

We chose this video to share this week for both those reasons. But also because it contains timely insights into how to protect California’s agricultural land from devastating fires.

“Resilience in Progress” touches on many of our favorite subjects—from regenerative agriculture, biodiversity and climate-resilience, to consumer demand for better products, produced in harmony with nature.

The film also suggests ways to build bridges between farms and people who want to work on them. As James Irwin, of Kaos Sheep Outfit, puts it:

“At the end of our run, our biggest achievement won’t be how many acres we grazed, but how people we got excited about doing what we’re doing.

Watch ‘Relilience in Progress: Re-Integrating Animals into Cropping Systems'

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