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Politics of Food

As much as we might wish it weren’t true, politics and food are intertwined.

Politics and policy are why we don’t have labels on GMO foods, even though 90 percent of consumers want those labels.

It was a U.S. Food & Drug Administration policy decision that granted approval of GMO salmon—and said it could be sold in supermarkets with no labels to distinguish it from non-GMO salmon.

And the Farm Bill, a giant $90-billion piece of policy, determines that taxpayers will subsidize the growing of GMO monoculture commodities—but not the growing of healthy, organic regenerative fruits and vegetables.

Here’s the thing. If we want better food and farming policies, we need to lobby for them. And we definitely need to elect better policymakers.

OCA can do a lot on that front. But as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our lobbying activities are limited. That’s why we also have a 501(c)(4) lobbying arm, the Citizens Regeneration Lobby (CRL).

Congress made little progress on the Farm Bill last year. So as we head into 2019, we have an opportunity to let new members of Congress know that it's time to fix the Farm Bill, so that it helps the farmers who grow food responsibly. And we have a great opportunity to let Congress know that it's time to act on climate—it's time for a Green New Deal!

We can do some of that work through OCA. But much of it will have to be done through CRL. Can we count on your support? 

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