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New Food Deal

If you’ve read our past few newsletters, it’s no secret: We are fired up about the Green New Deal.

If we can rally enough support, the Sunrise Movement’s bold Green New Deal proposal could be the ticket to sweeping policy change—the kind of transformational change that finally unites the food and climate movements, along with those fighting for social and economic justice.

Over the past few weeks, much has been written about the Green New Deal. But not enough has been said about how this isn’t just about reducing fossil fuel emissions and converting to renewable energy—it’s also about transforming how we produce food.

But one writer nailed it. Alison Rose Levy, a New York-based writer on health, food, environment, media and social activism, zeroed in on how the Green New Deal is the perfect vehicle for transforming an industrial agriculture system.

Levy went so far as to call for a New Food Deal along with the Green New Deal. In an article published last week, she wrote:

For too long the energy and agricultural industries have successfully evaded regulation while dumping their externalities on the public commons. We must reverse that. Both the Green New Deal and the New Food Deal can reorient the basics— and put Americans, our democracy and the earth on the path to health.

We couldn’t have said it better.

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