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Good News!

Nothing like starting the year with some good news, for once.

We’re happy to report that consumers have won round one in our legal battle to hold Ben & Jerry’s accountable for its advertising and marketing claims.

Last summer, OCA sued Ben & Jerry’s for deceptive marketing and advertising. (We explained why, in this article we wrote last July).

Ben & Jerry’s tried to get the case dismissed—and lost.

From our press release:

In its ruling, the court agreed that consumers may have been misled by Ben & Jerry’s environmental responsibility statements into believing that the company’s ice cream products would be free of glyphosate.

The court also agreed that Ben & Jerry’s general messages about humane treatment of cows in the “Caring Dairy” program and “values-led sourcing” may mislead customers into believing that Ben & Jerry’s uses ingredients only from dairy farms with higher-than-average animal welfare standards, when the evidence may suggest otherwise.

This doesn’t mean the legal battle is over. But the court’s decision is a big win for consumers.

To all of you who have signed petitions, called Ben & Jerry’s, posted on social media and just generally kept up the pressure, thank you!

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