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Sweet, But Bitter

Who doesn’t love biting into a sweet, juicy pineapple?

Lots of us do—which is why on average, consumers worldwide eat about 26,000 tons of pineapples each year, according to the Global Markets Research team.

But where do those pineapples come from? And how were they grown?

In their film, "The Bitter Price of Tropical Fruits," Arne Lorenz and Petra Pommerenke expose the dark side of the pineapple growing industry—an industry associated with heavy pesticide use, water pollution, deforestation and exploited farmworkers, forced to work in risky conditions and for low wages.

Can consumers buy pineapple with a clear conscience? The filmmakers head to Costa Rica to find out.

Read and watch ‘The Bitter Price of Tropical Fruits’

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