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Want to know what all the #GreenNewDeal (GND) buzz is about? Find out by watching the GND livestream on February 5.

Want to know why we’re mobilizing the food and farming movement to support the GND—and how you can help? Read this.

Leaders of the Sunrise Movement are asking people to attend or host a livestream watch party on February 5. OCA staff members have all signed up—and we hope you will, too!

Once you sign up, the Sunrise Movement will provide you with an easy step-by-step guide. You can choose to make your party public so others can join, or private with just your friends.

We think the GND is our best hope for drastic and rapid reform of the industrial food system—including getting rid of factory farms and GMOs.

But the GND won’t happen unless we are relentless in our efforts to get politicians on board. Let’s do this!

Read Ronnie’s message on how and why to host or attend a #GreenNewDeal watch party

Download this Fact Sheet to share at the watch party

TAKE ACTION: Ask your members of Congress to support the Sunrise Movement’s Green New Deal!

Pre-order Ronnie's New Book, Coming February 11

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