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Superior Sleuthing

Thanks to the superior sleuthing of U.S. Right to Know and others, two Congresswomen are calling for an investigation into efforts by Coca-Cola to influence the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—and the CDC’s apparent willingness to be influenced.

It’s the same old story. Federal agencies (funded by your taxes) that are supposed to protect you and your family, get cozy with corrupt corporations. And when they do, you lose.

In this case, a long string of emails between Coke and the CDC reveal a “common theme” of Coke trying to shift the blame for the global obesity epidemic away from diet, to lack of physical activity, despite evidence to the contrary.

U.S. Right to Know, partially funded by OCA, obtained 295 pages of text from 86 emails via the Freedom of Information Act. Milbank Quarterly, a health policy journal, published the emails.

Read ‘Two Congresswomen Want an Investigation Into CDC's Crooked Relationship With Coca-Cola’

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