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Shameless Pandering

Chlorpyrifos, manufactured by DowDuPont, is an neurotoxic organophosphate pesticide that’s been linked to severe birth defects, brain damage and mental disorders in children, even at very low levels.

Yet despite these known risks, and despite new evidence suggesting that Dow knew for decades how toxic chlorpyrifos is to children, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) still allows chlorpyrifos to be sprayed on more than 50 fruits, vegetables and nuts, including strawberries, almonds, oranges, broccoli and apples.

It’s shameless pandering to the chemical industry.

According to Pesticide Action Network: If the EPA won’t do its job, it’s time for Congress to act.

Studies show that exposure to neurotoxic chemicals during critical moments of development can fundamentally alter brain development and architecture. Chemicals that disrupt the hormone system—particularly those affecting thyroid hormone, which plays a critical role in brain development—can also cause lasting damage.

TAKE ACTION: Ask your member of Congress to cosponsor the Ban Toxic Pesticides Act of 2019 ( H.R.230), a bill to ban chlorpyrifos.

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