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Nutty Idea?

We think of the Midwest, with its rivers, lakes, prairies and fields of grain, as the backbone of America.

But industrial ag, with its GMO monoculture crops, has led to a frightening level of water pollution, eroded soils and a devastating loss of biodiversity throughout the Midwest states.

One potential solution? Agroforestry, a type of farming that incorporates native fruit- and nut-bearing trees into farms.

The folks behind the Million Hazelnut Campaign believe the best tree to plant in order to start regenerating the Midwest is the Hazelnut. A million hazelnut trees could go a long way toward cleaning up water pollution, restoring wildlife habitat mitigating global warming by drawing down and sequestering carbon.

All we have to do is plant them. Can you help?

TAKE ACTION: Plant a hazelnut tree!

Watch this great Million Hazelnut Campaign video

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