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Who's Sorry Now?

U.S. regulatory agencies have failed miserably when it comes to protecting Americans from Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller and its key active ingredient, glyphosate.

But when ordinary people are presented with the truth about Roundup, and about Monsanto’s efforts to bury that truth, they seem to have no problem distinguishing between truth and lies.

For the second time in five months, a jury has unanimously concluded that Roundup is to blame for causing a man’s cancer.

The decision, once again, has sent the shareholder value of Monsanto’s new owner, Bayer, into a tailspin. 

This latest trial is considered a bellwether case for the more than 9,000 similar lawsuits coming down the pike.

After the first trial, Bayer CEO Werner Baumann brushed off the lawsuits as “nuisances.”

Sorry yet, Bayer?

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