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Bad to Worse

Recent flooding in Nebraska and Iowa has devastated the states' farms and farmland. It’s also raised widespread concerns about drinking water contamination, in states where waterways are already heavily polluted by agricultural runoff from chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

You’d think that predictions of more, and evermore severe climate change-related flooding would cause state officials to reject new industrial factory farm projects.

Instead, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts continues to roll out the red carpet for Costco, which wants to build more than 400 chicken barns in Nebraska and Iowa, for its massive factory farm operation—even in counties where the state’s Department of Environmental Quality says soil and water conditions are unsuitable for the barns.

Costco loves to promote the fact that its stores sell a lot of organic foods. So why is the company trying to build the world’s largest poultry factory farm?

TAKE ACTION: Tell Costco: Consumers don’t want your giant factory farm!

Click to tweet a message to Costco. Post on Costco's Facebook page.  


Call Costco’s customer service line at 1-800-774-2678. If you’re a member, tell them you’ll cancel your membership unless Costco halts its factory farm project.

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